Why is the GTX 1080 Such an Amazing Video Card?

The NVidia GTX 1080 is the newest release video card in the GPU market that has made many people go crazy. The card is barely one month in the market and the sales are overwhelming because of quality of gaming experience video gamers are anticipating. The card has brought a new gaming experience that no one has ever experienced using the previous VR cards.

Ones outstanding thing about this card and technology used is the emphasis that has been put in improving visual effects and graphics. High definition range lighting is adjustable to suite the graphic and pixel output that one wants on their projected big screen. Quality is not altered during this transmission thus uninterrupted gaming on a higher definition and bigger screen is now possible.

The new card is ideal for a gamer since it is easier to customize settings using the NVidia shadow play software. This enables streaming, recording a game as well as customizing light and other graphics. A new feature called V-sync has been added which makes transfer of data from the card to a bigger screen much faster and the refresh rate is faster. This increases the quality of 3D pictures and motions on your bigger screen making the game more interesting and perfected than before.


Gaming has been made 3X faster with use of the latest technologies in video gaming. The GPU architecture is Pascal, a memory speed of 10 Gbps, 16 GB memory and a transmission speed of 1733Mhz. the video card is compatible with the GEFORCE GTX SLI HB BRIDGE to make gaming smoother. A higher processor is required to increase performance such that the game will not hung at any moment.

An improvised cooling system has been used in crafting this new version. An automatic heat dissipating systems that uses vapor cooling technology has been used to make cooling faster when the game is running. Unlike in previous versions where overheating was dominant, with this amazing version, you will never experience any overheating. The aluminum body used ensures constant performance is maintained. This has a lot of effects on power usage while gaming which has been reduced tremendously. You get to save up to 15w while gaming.

The new card uses GDDR5X processer which is much powerful that the previous GDDR5 and a memory of 8GB. This large bandwidth has of significance in increasing the graphical capacity of data being processed per second and ensure the data is transmitted at a faster rate something which has never been experienced by models like the GTX 980. It is perfect for supporting the new 4k Blu Ray formats.

The GTX 1080is currently the best GPU for 4K video games has an amazing performance in all FPS resolutions. The memory is quite big and can stream the game for long hours. Despite the initial selling price being high that what many gamers anticipated, it is worth purchasing. You will enjoy playing on bigger screens with high graphics and no stoppage time of restarting the game will happen again. This is the ultimate gaming card that any gamer should have.

Read this before you buy DVD Blue Ray

If you’re needing to buy hd dvd player for your home movie stockpile, there are some questions I would like for you to ask yourself before you make your purchase. Do not get me wrong, I’m just trying to be helpful. Try to give a sincere answers.

1: Do you need your new HD unit to be in the hi-def format only?

2: Do you have ample amount of hi-def dvds to justify the purchasing of a unit that is in only one format?

hd_dvd-720750If you said NO to just one of the questions above but you do have hd dvds in your personal movie library. Then you need to do what I did. That’s get yourself a Blu Ray hd combo player. Why you ask? Simply because of the fact that Blu-Ray won the format battle and all pictures now are coming out in Blu/Ray hi-def format only. There is no need to mention that blue ray quality is superb quality and you will be more than pleased to watch movies in blue ray format.

I’m positive I was like several that actually thought the war would’ve been won by the HD format. So I just never cease acquiring many dvds avoiding Blu ray all together. Boy was I ever shocked when the statement came on who won.

blu-ray-hd-dvd-discsAt that moment I realized I had a call to make here in the very near future. I could just not buy any more movies in hi-def ‘which would now be in Blu/Ray’ or I could extend my film collection but  I would also need to buy HD DVD player/Blu-Ray combo if I wanted to enjoy my current collection along with the new dvds I would be ordering. That is a pretty hard decision.

There were a lot reasons I chose to go with a combo player vs individual players to play my dvds. For the sake of space, I will give you only three reasons, otherwise it would take me much time to write and explain all of them.

1: The requirement and price of additional wires were not needed

2: The hook up was much simpler to both my surround sound and TV

3: The process was a lot easier when it came to watching the movies regardless of which format they were in.

bluray_hddvd_chartsThe combo players are generally better but a little bit expensive when compared to individual players. Still, as I have said, it depends on what you need and how much money you are ready to pay for. Not that I am trying to sound cocky or anything like that, but combo players are for the real movie fans. That is all I can say regarding the combo players.

My advisement is before you buy hd dvd player for your home theater, consider getting a unit that plays both formats. In that way you will see the both sided. And you will be so pleased you did!

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